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  Executive Board Meetings


The last Tuesday of each Month

(unless otherwise indicated)

Tuesday July 31st

 7pm At Apple Valley Minerals




Here is the list of winners fromf the Christmas Party:



Ralph L. Carr Jr. Award - William Dutcher

Cecil Foster Award - Joel Russo

Birger Andersen Award - Neil Cavanaugh

Sal Avella Award - Neil CavanaughFazzina

Eugene Reynolds Award - Tony Cesana 




Next Regular Meeting

Tuesday July 10th at 7pm

at CCRI Warwick Campus

Room 1130 ?? 

The speaker will be

July speaker is Bill Wilson speaking on rock types igneous metamorphic and sedimentary.

Formation and how it relates to finding what we are looking for. good info to know where and how to look for minerals



The club picnic will be August 18th at Tony and Rachel's house starts at 12:00 pm

executive board meeting same day at 11:00 am. Will need to know who is coming

as the club provides hamburger's, hot dogs, soda and water need to know who is coming

to not overbuy or under buy. Also there is a pot luck element and a spot will be

provided for a rock swap. It is a good time and no end time as it is stay as late as you want.

If people stay late we will do a campfire.

Phone number is 401-766-9076 email is trcesana@gmail.com to sign up