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Sponsored by the Maine Geological Survey (MGS)

Interested in collecting at Newry, ME this summer? The Maine Geological Survey and Maine Mineral Symposium

Association annually organize free field trips to famous NE collecting sites. They just released the 2013 list: 3 trips

to Newry Mines in Newry, ME and 1 to Palermo Mine in N. Groton, NH. Trips are free but you have to register

with the MGS. Also, if there are too many registered for the same trip then they use a lottery system to pick who

goes. They keep family groups together (up to 4) but it might be tough if you’re going with a bunch of RIMH

friends, some or all may not get chosen. Space is limited and trips have been very popular.

Sign-up is open for only 1 week for each trip, about 6 weeks before each field trip date. There are a lot of details, so

go to their website and read more: www.maine.gov/doc/nrimc/mgs/explore/minerals/fieldtrips/fieldtrips.htm

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  "Due to campus renovations June thru December meetings

will be held in a Conference room on the 4th floor.

Additional information will be posted here when available."

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