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About Us

The Rhode Island Mineral Hunters is a non-profit organization, founded in 1962, dedicated to the appreciation and study of minerals, crystals, fossils, and all aspects of the Earth Sciences. Members can also learn lapidary skills - fashioning gems, polishing stone from rough rock, silversmithing, and fabricating jewelry.

Our members bring seminars and talks to various organizations, and our educational programs bring the study of geology to various schools and youth organizations. We also contribute scholarships to full-time students in college studying the Earth or Life Sciences.

The club organizes numerous field trips to quarries, mines and road-cuts to gather mineral specimens, as well as out-of-state bus trips to museums and other events of interest. We are deeply concerned with the conservation and protection of the environment and the reopening of digging areas previously closed to amateur mineralogists. Each year we honor the member who finds the finest mineral or fossil specimen in Rhode Island on a club-organized field trip by awarding them the Birger Anderson Trophy.

We are an informal group from 7 to 85 years of age. All occupations and lifestyles are represented with members having a common interest: rocks, minerals and fossils. It is never too late to become acquainted (or re-acquainted) with this hobby and many people start at retirement age when they need an activity that is both mentally engaging as well as physically active. Please join us some evening, all of our meetings are open to the public, free of charge. We will welcome you as a visitor or as a new member.

We are Member of the Eastern Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies (EFMLS) and American Federation of Mineral Societies (AFMS).

Our Monthly Meetings

The RIMH meets on the second Tuesday of each month (except January, February, and August) at 7:00 PM until 8:30-ish, at Community College of Rhode Island, Knight Campus in Warwick.

Our meeting consists of a program, a break for refreshments and a brief "business meeting". The programs have included speakers from Harvard University, Brown University, URI, and other mineral clubs in New England. Many speakers or members give slide presentations and show specimens from their travels. Also a part of each meeting is a silent auction of members' specimens and the checkout and return of member borrowed books, magazines, and video tapes from our extensive library. We also have a free drawing at many of the meetings.


Our monthly newsletter is "Bowen-Lite", which keeps us abreast of club activities and other club shows in the area.

Other Activities


The RIMH annual mineral and fossil auctions are held in April. The auction is open to Public.


In August, we usually have a picnic.

Gem and Mineral Show - This years theme is "Hot Rocks". 

Our very popular Gem and Mineral Show will be October 27th & 28th.  This year will be the 41th Annual in 2012. It will be held at Community College of Rhode Island, Knights Campus.

Holiday Dinner Party

In December, we hold our annual holiday dinner party and gift exchange.


Membership fee is $20 per year for an individual, and $25 per year for a Family.





Club Officers:

President: Alicia Benoit 23

Vice President Tobias Lederberg  23 

Secretary:Lisa Benoit

Treasurer: Dante Caprara 23


Executive Board:

Ernie Zielinski 20

Anne Hecker 22

Rachel Cesana 21

Lou Fazzina 20

Tony Cesana 23

Bruce Hecker 21

Mary Carlos 22

Don Mello 23 

Show Chairman (to be determined)

Bill Wilson - Past President





Membership: Elena Holden

Field Trip Coordinator: Alicia Benoit

Historian: Vacant

Librarian: Bill Neal


Assistant Web Master: Claire Cooper

Bowen-Lite Editor:Paul Koczwanski